This page lists all the projects that I have worked on that are still live. Most are open source and contributions are welcome


SIncLib (or Software Inc. Library) is a bunch of game play enhancing tools. This is the third release and the first for Alpha 11+. It has two features currently but I have plans to add more over time.

The first feature in this library is Team Manager. This is a tool that will optimise a software team by pulling staff from other teams if they have staff more suited to the current project. So, let's say you have a team developing a game that requires System, Audio and 2D specialised developers. If the team doesn't have those skills your game is going to suck. But what if you have those skills in your company already in other teams but you don't know where. The game currently doesn't make it easy to manage staff and find the right skills and this is where our tool comes in. Simply select the team you want to optimise, the teams you want to draw developers from and whether you want to adjust the HR settings to match. The tool will now move out developers not up to the job and replace them with employees with the right skills and in the right quantities.

The second feature enables out of stock notifications for products you didn't develop, such as products acquired in a takeover or products from an IP trade Feedback and ideas very much appreciated. GitHub for the project is here:

Motorsport Manager Save Game Editor

This tool is an editor for modifying save games from Motorsport Manager on the PC. We try to keep the tool up to date with the latest version of the game on Steam.

  • Features
  • Modify basic information about your player character
  • Modify team principles, engineers, and mechanics
  • Modify drivers and add/remove personality traits
  • Swap people between teams
  • Change game speed settings for race
  • Modify team stats
  • Modify stats of car parts in inventory
  • Modify championship rules
  • Let me know what you want to be able to change and I'll look into adding it to the editor.

Make a backup of your save game first! I cannot stress this enough. There is a chance it could break your save completely or cause instability in the game. Please report these bugs to me and I'll fix them.

GitHub for the project is here:


RW::Download was a leading PHP download manager for websites running a MySQL database and allowing integration with leading PHP bulletin board software for user accounts back in the early 2000s. It was built on PHP4 and is now available here in its last known form.

As the world has moved on from PHP4 and I have had 20 years of software experience since then, I am certain this is not the finest example of PHP development in the 2020s. That said, it is available here for prosperity and for anyone who cares to branch or develop it further. There's some good stuff in here but it is now very dated technology-wise. GitHub for the project is here: