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Dave Conley

This website is a portfolio site for Dave Conley. According to LinkedIn, the following is true:

I am a computer programmer with 15+ years experience working in the games and software industry. I have a good and up to date knowledge of developing applications and games in C# and the Unity games engine. I have around 9 years of experience in leading software projects and managing small teams, working with experienced developers and helping graduates integrate into projects.

I enjoy developing computer games and take great satisfaction from solving problems and delivering a good product with a maintainable project codebase.

I enjoy spending free time working on personal projects and games in order to improve my knowledge of new skills.

I have experience of developing software in C#, C++, C, Java, JavaScript, Typescript, PHP, HTML and have used numerous frameworks and engines including Unity, Gamebryo, Node.js, Bootstrap and Firebase. I have previously used MySQL, Couchbase and Firestore so I am also familiar with relational databases and no SQL databases.

Dave now works for VMO2 in the Lab, an innovation department working with new tech and investigating how it could be used to improve customers lives. He also sometimes writes code for fun because he hasn't learnt how to rest.

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