CycleStreets 1.2 in Submission


An update to CycleStreets is in submission with Microsoft now. Mostly just bug fixes but we've added a much needed new feature - tile overlays. This adds the map tiles from OpenStreetMaps or OpenCycleMaps on top of the default map. These overlays add useful information such as hills, points of interest and cycle routes from the national cycle network. More news when the update is approved.


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Welcome to the new site

I thought it was about time we had a new look around here. After all its been a good couple of years on the old site. Time isn't as free a commodity as it used to be so while my custom CMS was functional it was more effort to improve than I had time for and if there's one thing I have learned in the last decade its don't reinvent the wheel unless you can do a better job. Maybe I could do a better job but I certainly don't have the time so say hello to our Joomla powered website. It should allow us to add content much quicker in the future. One of the bonuses of the Joomla site is that we get a really nice mobile optimised site for free. With more of our work being mobile focused, this is a great thing to have. Let us know if there's anything you want us to add in the comments (yes! comments! it's like we're living in the future or something :) )


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CycleStreets update adds leisure routing, route saving, and more

The first update for CycleStreets on Windows Phone is out now! As well as fixing the usual bugs, version 1.1 adds some great new features.

The new release brings along leisure routing, which is a great feature that can find a circular route around your current location that is of a distance or time of your choosing. Great if you’re training and want to get in a 20 mile ride for example.

We’ve made big improvements to the reliability of the place name search when routing and also to the tutorial flow improving the overall usability of the app.

If you just want to save the route for later you can do that too and you won’t need to be online to load it. And you can now share routes with friends via email, text message or social network (and they don’t need the app to be able to view it).

We also have a free 24 hour trial that allows you to try all the features of the app with no restrictions for a day. After that you can choose to get in touch and let us know what you thought or hopefully go on to pay for the full app (only 99p!).

You can download CycleStreets for Windows Phone 8 from the Windows Phone store. We’ve got more updates coming soon to bring it in line with the app on iOS and Android but please get in touch to let us know what you want to see.

  • Added circular leisure routing
  • Load and save routes for offline use
  • Added a free 24 hour trial
  • Major improvements for location search and general navigation
  • 3D navigation now has 3D buildings visible where available
  • Added share this route option
  • Added feedback form
  • Added rate this app prompt
  • Improvements to tutorial
  • Fixed lots of bugs

CycleStreets cycle routing on Windows Phone now available

CycleStreets cycle routing app is now available in the Windows Phone Store in the UK and costs only 99p. Less than a puncture repair kit and just as useful!

Get the CycleStreets for Windows Phone app!

For Windows Phone we redesigned the app to take advantage of Windows Phone’s unique interface design resulting in a beautiful, clean and simple to use interface that will feel instantly familiar to users of other mapping applications on Windows Phone.

For the first release we have included cycle routing, navigation waypoints, routing information (such as time, distance, calories etc), points of interest and step by step navigation using the Nokia Maps 3D view. In time we will add additional CycleStreets functionality such as Photomap, OpenStreetMap overlays, leisure routing and we also plan to add voice guided navigation.

Features include:

  • Plan cycle routes from A-B
  • Add waypoints, e.g. A-B-C-D
  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Nearest points of interest
  • Search for names, places, towns, postcodes
  • Replan as quietest/fastest/balanced route