Getting Featured on Windows Phone

So in the last month I have been fortunate enough to see the effects of getting featured prominently in the Windows Phone Store and also a feature in Nokias Lumia exclusive app "App Social". Our cycle navigation app, CycleStreets was featured two days in a row in the UK. The first was a feature as one of the secondary featured apps on the second page and the second day was a main feature on the second page which is a much more prominent placement. Our app also appeared on the Store website as a very large tile. 

Score Alerts was featured for a week in 14th position in the Nokia App Social app. This was a feature I technically paid for by trading in reward points earnt through Nokias DVLUP program. As the app had over 50 reviews and a high 4.5 star average I was eligible for this promotion. By the way, if you're making Windows Phone apps and you're not registered on DVLUP, you're doing it wrong :)

I was obviously curious about how much of an effect this would have on my apps. Neither app were doing badly (depending on your expectations of course) but neither were exactly setting the world alight either. At the time of the feature, CycleStreets was getting around 7 downloads a day of which one or two would be paid purchases at 99p. Score Alerts was doing slightly better but its a free app with in app purchases but still only around 30 downloads a day. Read on for the full details of what happened.


CycleStreets is a niche app. It is an app designed to help cyclists find quick and safe journeys and is currently only available in the UK. Thats quite a niche audience alone but added to the fact that its a paid app on Windows Phone then you're looking at a very small percentage of the population so with that in mind, a download rate of up to 10 trials a day and a couple of paid purchases is probably as much as I can expect. Before the feature we were sitting in the Travel (Paid) section at #29 and Navigation (paid) at #7. Here's a graph of the week before and after the feature. The feature was on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th

As you can see, we had a pretty big jump in trials. A record for a single day. Oddly, the number of trial conversions didn't pick up after the feature. We run a 24 hour trial period so I expected to see some high conversion numbers a few days later but it never really happened. Perhaps that suggests something wrong with the app that we need to look into.

Score Alerts

Coincidentally, around the same time on 24th January we had Score Alerts running as a paid placement in Nokias App Social app. The app was listed in 14th position (or higher) for a whole week. I wasn't sure how many people used App Social or how many scrolled down as far as  14th position but the results surprised me. An average week would see days of downloads between 20 and 50. Here is the graph for Score Alerts new users

An obvious improvement across the week reaching a peak of 140 downloads on the Tuesday. Score Alerts runs  with in app purchases rather than a paid model and I was pleased to see that reviews and IAPs have both improved in quantity since the feature so this was definitely a successful experiment.

At the end of the day however, neither app is making enough money for me to retire to a beach on a desert island so it doesn't change much but for anyone curious as to the impact of a feature on the Windows Phone Store, I hope this is an insightful look at the numbers. Leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments.

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